Business Strategy Is The Battleplan
For A Better Future

What is Strategic Management

Strategic Management is a postgraduate course of two-years involving advanced lessons in psychology, sociology, and economics with the aim to develop an analytical approach in students which is an important factor of strategic issues management. The course is divided into four semesters, each for a period of six months. The course teaches about how managers must employ the formal and informal relationships that exist between various organisations in an industry, originate solutions for various problems encountered by an organisation, and effectively formulate and implement an organization's key strategies, the results of which shapes the structure and functioning of an organization. Strategic management trains the eligible candidates in developing functional and managerial skills, building relationships with organisations, providing the recruitments in corporate management and strategy along with providing a platform for students, teachers, and industry experts to exchange leadership and management concepts.

Diploma in Strategical and Senior Management

Strategical Management (300 Hrs
Organization Behavior and communication management (300 Hrs)
Specialization (IT, Mechanical, Civil, Management) (300 Hrs)
Deputation (4 to 6 months)

Scope of Strategic Management in India and Abroad

The scope for strategic managers is huge. There is an undeniable requirement of the post in each and every organization no matter what their work is. There is a huge advantage of the subjects taught and these help you excel in your career as a strategic manager. A course on strategic management aims on how to advance and execute impactful business and corporate strategies. As a strategic management specialist one is required to determine the aspects accountable for formulation of the firm’s strategy keeping in mind the long term objectives and goals, SWOT analysis, critical approval of resources and the personal goals and ambitions of managers. Strategic management processes must possess flexibility so that it can be adapted to environment and market capriciousness. A Strategic Management program enables one to absorb functional contemplations in industry decision making situations. It also teaches the individual to make a careful examination of situation, industry, competition, and cost. The job scope and employment scale for Strategic Design Management is expanding with higher employment options. An individual can also excel selecting on cultural features or administration, as this domain covers both the niches. A set of business specialists who can confidently, gently and creatively determine any challenge by preparing a unique strategy which will create a competitive space in the organizations, will be prioritized by the industries. Strategic management course has also annihilated major scope globally, which is building significance to the field of Strategic and Design Management in India.

Careers in Strategic Management

As a strategic planner one can work as an internal conference within the industry. One may work on provisional assignments within a firm unit or on a long-term situation within a central strategic planning unit of a large organization. As an entry-level strategic planner candidates are required to work on assignments under the administration of a more senior member of the group. Work of a strategic planner involves collecting and examining the information, preparing consequences for presentation to senior management. As a vice president of strategic planning one will work with members of the administrative board (the CEO, president, CFO, COO) on long term objectives of the industries. As a strategic management graduate, they are required to manage the development of strategic vision, setting out the aims and objectives, formulating and implementing strategies, and introducing correct measures and solutions for the deviation to reach the organization's strategic intent. People employed for Strategic management are required to hold front roles in the procedure of decision generating and are also required to deal with specialized operations such as fixing company objectives, evaluating the methods through which the goals can be achieved, the formulation and implementation of plans and procedure or anticipation of the results. Graduates of strategic management specialization are offered a variety of career prospects which include administrator,

Syllabus available Code Diploma IN MICROFINACE AND IT (Specialisation One Syllabus IT) Hours
1 SSIT AI Machine Learning 200
2 SSIT Data science and AI
4 SSIT Data analytics and data statistics
5 SSIT Cloud Computing Code Diploma IN MICROFINACE AND IT (Specialisation Two Syllabus MANAGEMENT) Hours
1 SSM Strategic HR 200
2 SSM Brand and Promotion
3 SSM Leadership Management
4 SSM Organizational Development
5 SSM strategic and Operational Management Code Diploma IN MICROFINACE AND IT (Specialisation Three Syllabus Mechanical) Hours
1 SSMECH Advanced Eng.. Math 200
2 SSMECH Operational Management
3 SSMECH Computer Graphics & CAE
4 SSMECH Robotics
5 SSMECH Quality Function Deployment
6 SSMECH Business Process Reengineering