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We at AIMS, provide opportunities to develop student's professional (journeys) through definite Courses that offer high-end academic studies, learning & skill development with personalized support & courses designed & developed in collaboration with best-in-class faculty, industry professionals & industries.

About Us

AIMS is our (Technology) and a Professional Platform that connects everyone who is directly or indirectly connected to the educational system. It is introduced by the AFIML upon mindful feedback from Industries & Educational Institutions, with an intention to create a huge amount of value for seekers of our courses in terms of knowledge, practical/ industry exposure, and employment opportunities.

Strategical Banking & Academics Inclusion

R&D Institute - To define the alignment by innovative process, content and technology

Implementation Institute - To implement the R&D outcome through technology

Bank - To brige the gap of Financial and conceptual needs.

Industry - Access of student's progress from day one as a model.


We have developed Strategical Banking and Academics Inclusion Process to uplift the capacity of educational institutes. To create an impact on traditional educational system by innovating the alignment of R&D Institute, Implementation Institute, Industry and Bank together to impose the impact. The purpose of this process is to acquire your students for the same and prepare them for strategic and senior management.

Technology Establishment

Diploma in Strategical and Senior Management

Strategical Management (300 Hrs)
Organization Behavior and communication management (300 Hrs)
Specialization (IT Or Microfinance) (300 Hrs)
Deputation (4 to 6 months)

Brief of Specialisation

Management (Organizational development and balance score card)

IT(Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Data Science, Blockchain, Data Analytics)
Microfinance (Fintech and microfinance, Microfinance Strategic and Operational management)

Process flow