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Career  Objective

Industry Nexus Initiative

WAV Evaluation:

We assess students' proficiency in written, audio, and video skills in network-related tasks to determine their readiness for IT job placements. This thorough evaluation ensures candidates are well-equipped for the demands of the industry.


We offer e-profiling services, empowering students to create impressive online profiles that showcase their skills and qualifications. This initiative significantly enhances their opportunities for internships and jobs.

Monthly Evaluation:

Monthly evaluations, including tests and presentations, serve as a roadmap for tracking students' progress. It's a dynamic approach, offering targeted support and ensuring continuous improvement

Training Committee:

A robust training committee plays a pivotal role in guiding and supporting students toward success in their learning and development. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive support for their growth.

Live Project:

We are dedicated to equipping our students with hands-on experience in real IT development, offering training in core banking, Credit One, ERP, and HRMS. Our top-notch trainers ensure that candidates are well-prepared to face the challenges of the IT industry.

Placement Cell:

Our placement cell is committed to guiding students towards their desired job opportunities. By connecting them with potential employers and providing continuous support throughout the placement process.

Placement Assistance:

Our commitment is to assist students in securing job placements. From guidance in resume building to interview preparation and connecting them with potential employers, we ensure candidates are thoroughly prepared for the job market.

Head Hunting & Bidding System

Connecting students with numerous employers who compete to hire them based on their skills is part of our unique approach. This strategy broadens job options.