About Us

Aarohiinfo Industrial and Management School (AIMS) is India’s First-Ever Technology based Ecosystem & leading R&D Institute introduced by Aarohiinfo Financial Inclusion Management Ltd(AFIML) to develop Content, Process and Technology to impact the traditional education system. AFIML, a public limited company, serving objective of Financial Inclusion towards the development of unbanked businesses through FinTech. The organization has got expertise to develop Strategical and Technological infrastructure to Microfinance and Education Industry.

Our Objectives

To create an impact on traditional educational system by innovating the alignment of R&D, Colleges, industry and AI Technology together to impose the concepts

Our Vision

To create an integrated , decentralized, responsive , participatory education system to empower society through sustainable model.

Our Mission

With the power of highly skilled team, emphasis on quality, integrated system, and assurance of reliability; Aarohiinfo Industrial and Management School thrives to achieve a greater level of expertise and develops long-lasting relationships with clients.

Strategical Banking & Academics Inclusion

R&D Institute - To define the alignment by innovative process, content and technology

Implementation Institute - To implement the R&D outcome through technology

Bank - To brige the gap of Financial and conceptual needs.

Industry - Access of student's progress from day one as a model

Process Flow

Process of Efficient academic

Competency Mapping

Through Written, Audio and Video (WAV) Assessment, the inputs are given virtually to reach at PPO


PPO assures the placement and it direct the students towards the objective to be achieved

Monthly Evaluation

A monthly WAV evaluation through AI technology to have delivery of classroom content to ensure progress of students

Admission Lead Support

Lead generated through portal or channel partner will be provided on a routine basis which will help to increase admissions in colleges.


Deputing student to perform on the same profile and industry offered in PPO

Head hunting & Bidding

Head Hunting of student by bidding is one of the unique process where all companies will bid for students to recruit them. A complete journey of student’s progress from Competency mapping, PPO, Monthly evaluation, Academics and Deputation will give recruiter an insight to bid.

We Offer

20+ technical and management courses
Content delivery
Pre Placement Offer